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A Little of our Company's Business Philisophy and Thinking

Since first beginning to build tanks almost nineteen years ago our company philosophy has pretty much remained the same: provide the fisherman with the best quality filtered bait tank on the market at the most competitive price through quick, honest and reliable service.

Although we continually strive to gain efficiency and build a better product we really haven't seen many changes in our tank accessories for sometime. Our goal is to provide a tank equipped with the 'parts' that do what you want-Keep bait both alive and healthy. However, if you prefer 'bells and whistles' for hardware or latches and have seen something that catches your eye we will be more than glad to install it on your tank and charge you accordingly. We haven't seen a need to add this additional cost to all our tanks as most our customers are more concerned about keeping bait alive than polishing chrome!

As far as hardware, we use the same high quality stainless steel hinges and hardware we have always used. Our lid comes on and off as easily in the heat of the summer with bare hands as it does when you have insulated gloves on in the middle of winter. I recently built a 250 gallon truck tank for Paul Giesenhagen of 'Striper Crew' and Paul requested the 'bells and whistles' flush mount latches. Man they look cool (and cost more than our normal) and I suggest you ask Paul about his opinion regarding their ease of operation with gloves or cold wet hands. I can only tell you he won't be requesting the same on his next tank!! Want fancy gadget hardware, we'll be glad to give you the price and install whatever you want, however, we have no plans to add it to every tank and make the guy who doesn't want it pay for it.

Plastic. That's a great 'beware' in today's tank market. All our tanks are the best UV stabilized product on the market. Period. Better make 'sure' that's what you're buying when comparing apples to apples. Yep, all our tanks are that product, its NOT an option or BS story. Beware that what you might be told regarding some UV is a true fact! Another short word on plastic. Being a petroleum product, unfortunately, don't look for the price of tanks to decrease anytime soon. We have only had two minor price adjustments in the last ten years but no doubt going to see another 'minor' one. Our attitude has been to pass on only the ACTUAL increase in raw product: we think tanks are expensive enough with out additional blue sky. Think you really need to pay more to get a better tank??

Tank lights. Hey, they are pretty cool if you use a tank a lot at night. Sure thing, if you are a fisherman that needs/wants a light we'll tell you the price and add it to the tank. For you that don't, we're not going to put them in each tank and automatically build them in the price and make everyone buy one. Don't leave the light on and destroy a battery and tank of bait if you choose to get one!

Freight. We made the conscious decision ten years ago not to 'build' part of the freight, boxing, insurance cost into our tank to be able to offer an inexpensive looking freight charge. We didn't feel that was fair to make the people that pick up tanks at the shop or purchase them from certain dealers, boat shows etc. pay that extra amount. Shoot, it would be real easy (and we'd make a lot more money) to add twenty bucks to each tank for boxing and insurance (rather shipping the tank or not) and then charge a flat $35 UPS fee!

Tank dimensions. Go figure this one out. Compared to some products on the market guess we need to adjust our capacity numbers up. Hummmm.

Air venturi. Like these are something new?? We been installing them for fifteen years in every tank we build and have no plans to change. Ours discharge at mid tank where they belong, have adjustable flow, no air hoses and WON'T clog thus NEVER needing to be cleaned out while eliminating the risk of clogging and killing a tank of bait.

Last but not least for those that don't know, I believe its important for the fisherman to be aware that 'bait tanks and containers' are subject to the original Excise Tax bill from the 1940's. Every bait tank sold today is subject to a 10% excise tax. Yep, every quarter we get to pay Uncle Sam 10% right off the top. No, we didn't make a price adjustment years ago when the issue surfaced; we ate that one to keep prices even more competitive.

Hope this sheds some light on our business thinking and why we do what we do and build the tanks we build. Our goal, as stated above, is to provide you with the BEST operational, most cost efficient and user friendly tank on the market. IF you prefer to add 'bells and whistles' we will be more than thrilled to install them for whoever deems them necessary, but not going to make everyone pay for them if they don't want them.

Don Andresen of Beaver Fever Guide Service won the NSBA Gold Cup and placed 2nd in the NSBA Open. Paul Giesenhagen of Striper Crew won two (yes 2) Gold Cup events and qualified for the TOTY. Granted both of these guys are GREAT fisherman, however, ask them what importance they place on having the best bait possible. They BOTH use Blue Water Bait Tanks and even transport their bait from the mid west back east to the tournaments! Think tank quality doesn't have a little to do with this??? Go ahead, ask their opinion!!!

We appreciate your consideration when tank shopping and we look forward to fifteen more years!!

If you have any questions or just want to talk fishing give me a call or shoot me an email:

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Email: info@bluewaterbaittanks.com

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