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Bait Tank Filter System:
Blue Water Bait Tank Filter System
The filter system used in all of our Blue Water Bait Tanks are a tried and proven system. Our system will accomplish the following results to provide not only healthy but frisky bait
  • Removes organic matter from the water which is deadly to bait fish. This is accomplished by using Poly Fil as the filter media. Poly Fil is readily available, inexpensive and virtually removes all organic waste from the water

  • If you choose, activated carbon may also be added to the filter basket to help curtail ammonia

  • Removes random debris and scales from the water. Keeps the debris and scales in the filter basket where they belong.

  • If you choose, you may also add a foam pad to the filter box. Some prefer to do this as a "safety net" to stop anything that might get through the poly fil. This foam can be rinsed out and reused numerous times. We have found the use of only poly fil will remove 99% of what needs to be removed, however, the addition of foam is an individual option that will not impair the effectiveness of the system.
Once the water passes through the filter media, it is returned to the bait compartment through a valve we purchase from Flow Rite Industries that incorporates an air venturi into the return system. These Valves provide the following benefits:

  • Totally quiet
  • Will not damage scales like the old spray bars used to
  • Create a directional flow that is essential to keep bait healthy (not all tanks create a flow of water in the tank)
  • Provide excellent aeration

We install Shur Flo pumps and these pumps are located in the filter compartment NOT the bait compartment. They pump and return only clean filtered water as opposed to some pumps located in the bait compartment which are subject to all sorts of debris, clogging and creating obstructions for bait.

Bottom line is our filter systems remove what they need to, pump only clean directional flow well oxygenated water back to the bait compartment resulting in yu having the quaility of bait you expect and deserve.

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